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HC Gilje, 'Blink', Spatial installation, 2009

Terence Haggerty, ‘untitled’ Wall painting, 2009

Daniel Dennis de Wit, ‘The Elevator’, Video, 2004

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January - February 2010
Esemplasticism: the Truth is a Compromise
Club Transmediale, Berlin

With the artists Daniel Dennis de Wit (NL), Katarina Zdjelar (NL), Bram Vreven (NL), Anke Eckardt (DE), Pascal Petzinger (NL), Edwin Deen (NL), Mike Rijnierse (NL), Willem Marijs (NL), HC Gilje (NO), Lucinda Dayhew (AU/DE), Yolande Harris (GB/NL), Alexis O’Hara (CA)

Publication Esemplasticism: the Truth is a Compromise with Christopher Salter (CA), Francisco López (DE/NL), Jens Maier-Rothe (DE/US), Edward A. Shanken (US/NL), Clara Meister (DE), Brandon LaBelle (DE), Janet Leyton-Grant (AU/DE), edited by Janet Leyton-Grant (AU/DE);

Esemplasticism: The Truth is a Compromise is an exhibition dealing with different facets of perception in the fallout of the information/technology revolution; each of the works lays bare the tricks and techniques used by our brains to negotiate the ‘objective’ world against a historical backdrop of what Op Art curator William C. Seitz, writing in the 60s, referred to as ‘perceptualism’.

Curated by Hicham Khalidi